Mediation Services

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is the process of selecting a professional neutral to facilitate an agreement with a neutral lawyer when it comes to any type of general dispute where litigation would be involved.

Mediation can be beneficial for many reasons, including avoiding going to trial and resolving the dispute outside of court. Our attorneys at The Law Office of Robin N. Krueger, PLC , in Fredericksburg can explore all of your options and help you decide if mediation is right for you.

One of the advantages of working with our law firm is that all of our lawyers understand complex family laws in Virginia and have litigation experience. We know how to resolve legal issues through litigation and mediation and what each process entails. This helps us find the best decision in your specific case because we know the advantages and pitfalls of both options.

Protecting Your Best Interests

Our skilled team of attorneys has the experience, skills and knowledge to handle your mediation needs. In addition to having extensive experience resolving family law issues, we can help you resolve any general litigation dispute, including:

  • Child custody or visitation disputes
  • Divorce or separation matters
  • Real estate or property disputes
  • Business disputes

Whatever legal issue you are facing, you will receive compassionate legal advice from caring attorneys who are dedicated to finding the best resolution to fit your needs.

To discuss your specific mediation needs, please visit our mediation solutions firm website.

Please note: Our mediation services are separate from our law firm. We cannot act as your family law attorney if we are acting as a mediator in your case and we cannot provide mediation services if we are hired as your attorney.

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